Great Blue slot game is known as one of the games that so many players want to try at least one time in their lives. With huge rewards as well as the simple way to play, this slot machine is one of the most popular slot games until today. If you are searching for a great game to play, this ocean themed slot game will be the best choose for you.

  • Introduction

With special characteristics, GREAT BLUE is considered as one of our most favorite slots available to play online. This is a stacked wild and it can take place on anywhere on reel and any of the 25 pay lines, which are available to play.

  • Feature

After activated, you are led to a screen where by you have to select two clam shells out of an option of five clam shells. They contain inside each clam is additional spins as well as bet multipliers. Therefore, you can gain up to 33 free spins as well as a multiplier of 33. Besides that, the great blue slot game stacked wild also appears in the free spins round, that makes your potential win from the free spins round 100x or more.

But the limit is, to activate the free games round, we have already known it will take 600 or more spins. So, you have to remember this.

  • Tips to play

Great Blue slot game is very easy to play; your mission is that you have to make detailed strategies and tips. Here are some tips you can use to play the slot game.

Firstly, do not ignore the times of free play. It is necessary for you to know that playing for free will assist you a lot of in the real play progress. When you play for free, not only you can have more information about all the game and also you can practice as well as improve your skills level.

Secondly, if you want to not miss any rewards, you should play all 25 pay lines. This not means you have to bet all your money. You just have to bet a little but device it into 25 pay lines. If you had played any other betting games, you will know that there are a lot of winning symbols which are on lines you not make a bet, and you cannot win them. This is the reason why you should bet for all 25 lines.

Thirdly, if you do not want to lose money quickly when playing Great Blue slot game, you need to set the limit of your bank account at a certain amount as well as do not allow lose more than that amount. You also have to have your bankroll. Let’s pick comfortable coin sizes and pay attention to regular symbols which can get prizes from easily to build your bank account. With common symbols such as Shark, Shell or Clam, you can also win amazing rewards up to 1000 coins.

Lastly, you should never miss any bonus round. Let’s gain more and more them as possible. These bonuses will raise your chance of winning. And keep remembering that you should be comfort and cool when playing Great Blue slot or any other kinds of games.

Hope you can play Great Blue slot game the best way with these above tips. Let’s enjoy now and explore the ocean at Malaysia online casino.

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