Great Blue Slot Free Play

Great Blue is one of my favourite slots and most surely up there with the Gladiator Slot in terms of these slots which have been developed by Playtech. The Great Blue Slot is a high difference or also known as a highly evaporative slot. This means in layman terms that Great Blue has the tendency to pay out big.

  • Offer of this game
The down side to this though is that like all highly volatile and high difference slot machines, is that Great Bluecan continute what seems like very long lean spells.
Though, this is a big however, Great Blue is a great game to play and can be extremely rewarding. Situated in an underwater theme, Great Blue specialities stacked wilds, good effects and longevity.
In short, Great Blue wouldn’t be out of place in a land based casino online malaysia and is great fun, offering a opportunity to hit a very large win.
Okay so the Great Blue Slot requests stacked wilds, all well and good, but most new slot games being released require the same right? Well yes that is true, but where Great Blue truly comes into it’s own is in the bonus round, which is activated by hitting 3 or more clam shells on any of the 5 reels in play.

  • Activating the bonus round
When activating the bonus round in Great Blue you are conveyed to the ocean floor and are presented with 5 clams, of which you have to select 2. Thus revealing plus free spins and bet multipliers. You can be awarded as much as 33 free spins and a wager multiplier of 15x. Yes 15 x multiplier.
You may be now getting some what of an inkling as to how and why Great Blue can get payouts of over 100x. It is all about the bonus round. I have oneself had some superb wins joining Great Blue, but be warned. Great Blue is a highly volatile and high difference slot, you can go what seems like an eternity before hitting 3 or more clam scatters and thus activating the bonus round.
But, if like me you love high difference slots, which provide you with a opportunity of a superb win, then you will I make sure love playing Great Blue. Before deciding to join Great Blue for real money at any of the introduced casinos which I have listed at the bottom of the page, now try Great Blue for free.

  • Reason to play Great Blue
The reason the Great Blue slots have become a bit of a cult is because of the high multiplier possible in the free spins, coupled with the fact it has massed wilds on all reels. It is able to get a 15x multiplier in the free games (2x, 7x, 10x or 15x) and you will get between 8 and 33 free spins. The higher the multiplier then normally the fewer the spins but the minimum you will get is 8 and thats' rare. It's ordinarily 15 - 23 with the 7x or 10 multiplier and 25 - 33 if you unique get the 2x multiplier. Plus they can retrigger.

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