Feature of Highway king slot game machine

The information bellow will help you understand more about some main features that you will come across when you play Highway King slot free download. The game can be played at
Malaysia online casino.

  • Pay line in the game
The Highway King slot free download contains 9 pay lines, which will be seen on both sides of the screen. You can activate pay lines and then you can see their shape by clicking non-stop on the Bet One button. In this slot game, there is one thing that you need to notice is that you can be able to receive prize if there is a combination made on a chosen active pay line, apart from Scatter symbol.
  • The winning table
The winning table in the highway king slot free download shows a certain of number for each win of each symbol. For example, if you successfully collect 4 symbols on either the right or left of the reels, you can read under the symbol is the hit number on the line as well as in the column. After that, you have to multiply your line bet by the number that you saw earlier. Lastly, you can see how much money you gain. If you are able to win some combinations on a lot of lines, you can add them up to your final result. The symbols of Highway King slot free download must consecutively lie from the left or right of the reels. If you have a pay line that contains 2 winning combinations; for instance, you have 2 steering wheels starting from the right and 3 tires starting from the left, and then you will have both of the winning combinations. In case you try to gather 5 symbols in a row, you will be awarded only once.

There is a huge different characteristic between the total bet and the line bet. The total bet will be how much money you wager in the round of the slot machine. The line bet will be how much money you wager in a single pay line. One thing you need to remember is the pay outs that you see in the pay table are multiplied by the line bet. If you get the winning combinations for winning on several pay lines, each of your pay line winning will be built up.
As you may know, in this slot game, the Red Truck is considered as a Wild symbol. It can take place of any any other symbols which is like the function of the joker card. Additionally, the Wild symbol can also double all of your winning prizes not in a cumulative way.
  • Scatter symbol
Exhaust Pipe symbol of Highway King slot free download is considered as a Scatter symbol. When you gather from 2 to 5 scatter symbols on the screen, according to the winning table, you will receive reward. The Scatter winning is equal to the total bet X the number on the row of the scatter pay table. These scatter symbols must continuously lying from the left or right of the reel. Moreover, they will not have to follow any other pay lines. In the Highway King slot, you can add scatter winning to your winning.

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