Hi, i am 35 years old. I am now working as an online investor. Today, i will share some of my experience to help you guys to get extra money. I know a lot of you have financial problem due to the Great Depression in 2008. I was too. I had to sell my house which my parents gave it to me and move to a smaller suite in the suburb. It was a tough time for me also for my family. Me and my wife kept argued about financial. Than a friend of mine who was broke at that time too. He advised me to buy online shares then sell it to have profit. At first i was doubted too. But when he showed me his check i was start believing. I borrowed my parents some money then started making investment. I will tell you how to purchase shares. There are a lot of investment site online. Legal or illegal. You have to check before making an investment. Have some cash and spend some time to studying find out the best website. It will take time but it will bring profit. Good luck 8313

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